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Self motivated and hard-working soul, determined to succeed...

Hi there !!
I am Leo and techincally I am a Full Stack Developer. My interest lies in Algorithms, Software Development, Digital Marketing, and Entrepreneurship attracts me like anything.

I believe a country like ours is shaped by its industrialists and new generation entrepreneurs. It is the entrepreneur who leads the country into a new era of success and growth, by creating opportunities for employment and revenue generation.

I strive to nurture the Ideas that can change world that we live in, into realities.

A graduate from Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati with B.Tech in Mathematics and Computing, - a blended fusion of Computer Science, Mathematics and Financial Engineering.

I take keen interest in Audio-Visual Media and as my hobby I enjoy photography, Video Shooting and Editing and this interest of mine has made me quite experienced on Editing Software like Sony Vegas Pro (for Video Editing), Audacity (For Audio Editing) and Photoshop.

I like accepting challenges, exploring and providing solutions in technology, business and entrepreneurship. I am the continously evolving version of perfect me.

Originally I come from an Adivasi family and hail from a small tribal village Marcha of Khunti district in Jharkhand. Currently I stay with my beautiful family here in Bengaluru - the silicon Valley of India.

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B.Tech in Mathematics and Computing, IIT GUWAHATI


6th Main Road, Benson Town, Bengaluru, INDIA


+91-96639 208 75



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Data Science and Machine Learning

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Software Development(Full Stack)

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Start up Enthusiast

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